The incredible Brorthership Studio has quickly become Hertford premier art destination. Until a few months ago I didn’t really know much about what the Brothership was. I knew it was some kind of gallery but to be honest that was about it. Not being much of an arty type (or so I thought) I didn’t feel qualified to go in and have a look around. This sounds dumb to me looking back, but that was the truth and I am betting there are others reading this right now who can relate.

I took the plunge and ventured inside on the hunt for a “Love Bomb” print. I thought it would make a great valentines gift and my (far more cool and arty) other half mentioned (hinted) that she would really like (want) one hanging on the wall. I was greeted by creator and artist in residence Nick Shipton and got to know more about the studio, what it does and how it came to be… Here is what I found out!

The Brothership in a nutshell

The Brothership quite simply is a group of artists who have come together led by Nick who co-founded the studio which opened in the spring of 2019, on Bull Plain Hertford.

The Brothership philosophy is about the “Tribe”. Artists working together, sharing their knowledge, collaborating and being inspired, in a chilled and friendly environment.

I love the concept! Having different artists who specialise in different areas creates a real cocktail for the senses when you step inside.

Artists work from individual studios within the building and sell their art direct to customers and display their art in the shop front. This was a bit of a surprise for me and I got to have a look at the artists at work, I never realised it was a working gallery with actual art being created in every room. Nick says “Our mission is #ArtOnWalls and to make art accessible to all – Brothership is about creating art, selling art and the interaction you have with our artists in residence working in their spaces”. 

Supporting good causes

2020 will certainly go down in history. Despite the global Covid disaster we saw a nationwide outpouring of generosity though lockdown. Hertford truly stepped up to support our NHS, in a big way.

The Brothership teamed up with Paul Crowley, a local artist and photographer. These amazing rainbow prints were a huge hit with all proceeds going direct to the local NHS.

Rainbow prints were also created for other local towns and a whopping £50,480 has been raised! Truly incredible.  

October 2020 expansion - 2nd hertford shop!

So when I started this post little did I know that in September a deal had been done to add a second Hertford gallery which will see the brothership more than double in size. The current Bull Pain shop will remain so it’s great news all round.

The stunning St Nicholas Hall (formally known as the Verger’s House) was built in 1450 and is one of Hertfords oldest Buildings. Few would argue that this old building is a work of art in itself. Just stunning!

So what’s the take away? Basically I would thoroughly reccomend paying the Brothership a visit and supporting our local artists.

Super talented, friendly and supportive of our community here in Hertford. We wish all the team the best of luck and a bright future on the highstreet.

Oh and I got the print which now hangs proudly on the wall. Nick even personalised it for me. The missis loved it!

Thanks guys! #LoveIsTheMessage