A touch of magic at christmas

Christmas is a time for giving. We had an ambitious idea to produce an original children’s book set right here in Hertford. Now anyone who has read a blog written by myself will be quick to tell you that writing may not be Dans strongest skill, hey if nothing else I give it a good go! Luckily Carol from Leaf Cafe in Hertford is a brilliant local author! I popped in to say hi and the story began. Here’s Carol’s intro from the book ….

“It began as these things so often do over a cup of coffee. Dan from I Love Hertford and myself were thinking how nice it would be to be able to give a little something to the little people of Hertford who have had a tough time over lockdown and last Christmas.

I went home and started doodling on a bit of paper. In the toy box sat my son’s old Teddy called William. I looked at him and he looked at me and the story unfolded. Dan then had to stop drinking coffee to go and find someone to print it. James from Cove Design Studio stepped up to help us with this part and suddenly the idea became the little book you see before you”

Set right here in town, our tale tells of dreams and magic in the skies above Hertford! A really lovely story of a young boy and a magical bear called William … not forgetting an apperance by Father Christmas naturally.

Working with lots of awesome Hertford primary schools we successfully delivered a whopping 1500 copies to local children, a suprise in their school bag on the last day of term!

The biggest thanks to Carol and James for making this happen…. Part 2 next year?