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Thanks so much for your support and being part of the the I Love Hertford community. If you like what we do and enjoy the positivity please do become a member and help us to grow and continue to support Hertford in a variety of ways.

 Building upon the success of our social platforms, I Love Hertford is a now an official social enterprise with one simple goal to support town and bring the good times back to Hertford. Being a member means that we can devote more time, help more businesses, support more events, bring more positivity back to Hertford and so much more! Theres also lots of perks for members ….


I Love Hertford is an asset to the town centre giving independent shops like ours the exposure they need to flourish through these uncertain times. Thank you for supporting town everyone at ILH! –  We Love Hertford too!

Tori - Eye Heart Mind

Dan and I Love Hertford share our passion for this great town! I love what this movement is all about, pushing the positivity and striving for a better town centre. Keep up the good work, you are making a real difference! 

Toni & Guy Hertford

Why become a member?

Becoming a member and supporting I Love Hertford will allow us to deliver more kindness and positivity than ever before. We have BIG plans.

As part of the membership I am working hard to introduce a range of exclusive benefits for supporters of I Love Hertford… We LOVE a perk!

This is going to represent an amazing bonus and thank you for your support!

The I love hertford bag!

As a welcome gift and a way of saying thank you for supporting, everyone will receive our fabulous I Love Hertford shopping local bag!

These bags are made in the UK and designed here in Hertford. Eco friendly, the bags are 100% sustainable and reduce the need for plastic carrier bags.

Each and every new member will receive one completely FREE of charge!  

The card

Each member will also receive The “I Love Hertford” card, this is your passport to supporting your local businesses in and around town.

The concept is awesome and never before seen in Hertford. Small but mighty the card unlocks a range of member discounts and perks across town.

The card is our radical take on the shop local message. We are aiming to get Hertford’s 30k residents, in town and leading a shop local revolution!

Check out these amazing perks for I Love Hertford Members!

 Intersport – 10% Discount for members

 Pizza Express – New perk arriving soon

 Chapter 79 – Book a ring polish and get a second polished for free

Albany Radio – 10% discount off all installation services

Hertford Theater – Perks return with the new opening

Highway Cycles – 5% Discount on bikes 10% Discount on accessories

Leaf Cafe – 10% Discount for members (Monday – Wednesday) on food, drink and books

Frankie & Olive – 10% Discount for members

Sovereign Dry Cleaners Hertford – 10% Discount for members

Brothership Studio – 10% Discount for members

Hardy Yard Pizza – 10% Discount for collections

The Beauty Spot Treatment Rooms – Recieve 10% off treatments Tuesday / Wednesday

Messages – 15% Discount for members (£15 minimum spend)

Hertford Cake Co – 10% Discount for members on counter cakes – Cupcakes / Blondie’s / Brownie’s and similar (£15 minimum spend)

Veg Heads Hertford – 20% Discount for collections (£12 minimum spend)

GoGetters – FREE Delivery of your favourite Hertford restaurants (£25 minimum spend)

NEW Fred & Ginger – 10% Discount on cut and blowdry (Monday – Friday)

Patrick Photographer Bengeo – 50% Discount on studio family portrait package.

Cavavin Wine – 5% Discount off a mixed case of 6 bottles

Violets – 20% discount on Russian Lashes.

Morgan Alexander Estates – £500 discount for members when you sell your house with Morgan Alexander! * Applies to new clients from 1st December 2020 onwards only.

Manic Ceramics – Zero studio fee saving £4 per person

NEW Nu You Pilates – Members save £20 off the first month when joining

Rossi’s Attic – 5% Discount off selected dealers

A Key To Beauty – 10% Discount for members on nail and beauty treatments

NEW – Cleaning – 10% Discount for members

Galos – Discounts on Sunday Munch Boxes and more

Hertford Phones & Gadgets – 5% Discount for members

Swisa Creates – 10% Discount for members + Free Delivery

Classic Mobility – 10% Discount for members

Skull Club Barbers – 10% Discount (Tues / Wed / Thurs)

More exciting perks to be added through 2021!

and thats just for starters!

There are more shops and services to be added into 2021 offering fantastic perks for members!

Local shops and services need our custom right now. To be listed and recieve the free promotion costs businesses owners £0, there is no charge at all. 

I Love Hertford looks to double local highstreet trade. It’s for this reason that shops are happy to extend a local offer, for local people who want to create a better Hertford.

We love, I love Hertford!! Informative, supportive of local businesses and a real asset to the area. This is a one stop shop for everything happening in Hertford now! Thank you for everything you do, you are the centre of our community

Helen - Rossi's Attic

I Love Hertford spreads love and positivity all around our beautiful town, always on a mission to celebrate the best of Hertford!

#LoveIsTheMessage 🙂

Nick - Brothership Studio

I Love Hertford is a great platform! It’s aims of spreading positivity and highlighting local events in the community is an excellent idea and is admirable. It’s most definitely the go to place for local information.

Harry - Scott Sports

Our mission!

To promote the town in a positive light.

I started I Love Hertford to combat the constant negativity on social media. We prove time and time again that positivity can have a profound effect. Support us and become part of the solution and not the problem.

To give local traders FREE exposure and drive forward a “Shop Local” revolution!

With an audience of over 10,000 local followers I Love Hertford can really make a difference. Your support will enable us to support local businesses who need it most. We will provide free targeted exposure for local shops and services along with training and support to grow their own social media presence.

I Love Hertford has a radical plan to push forward the Shop Local message. This is something never before tried locally and goes far beyond the conventional schemes. The new I Love Hertford “Shop Local” Card benefits businesses and customers too. We believe, this has the potential to start a shop local revolution here in Hertford.

A healthy town centre will lead to more local jobs, more shops, more visitors and in turn happy residents. I will work hard to assist Hertford’s traders through these uncertain times.

Give local events and festivals support and promotion.

We have some great “free” events here in Hertford. We will help to grow these and add to the events calender supporting the Town Council and other organisers.

The dream? I will be honest. I would LOVE to organise somthing BIG! Hertford deserves to have a proper carnival and even perhaps an “I Love Hertford Day”. I think we could make it happen. Let’s see.

Support local talent and recognise local heroes.

What makes Hertford so special? It’s the people! We believe that talent and good deeds should not go unnoticed.

Rather than obsessing with Brexit, Pandemics and Politics. We share the good stuff and the positive local stories that make Hertford such an amazing place.

I’d love to support safe, designated performance zones in town for local musicians to bring extra atmosphere.

Support and push for local improvments to Hertford.

I Love Hertford has been invited to join the Town Council Steering Group to represent some of the views and concerns expressed through I Love Hertford. We also have a good relationship, communicating weekly with major projects in town including the Bircherley Green regeneration and the Hertford Theatre team.

As we grow our voice becomes louder. Let’s effect some positive changes. I will be your voice at the table and make sure public opinion is communicated.

This and so much more!

I Love Hertford supports the brilliant work by the Hertford Playground Alliance. We support calls for a Splash Park in town. The Love Hertford Awards will be returning in 2021 we will be back promoting and judging.  We act as a link between residents and the new Lea Wharf developers and support the Hertford Theatre Legacy Project. I Love Hertford is behind a new greener way of living and supports improvments to cycling networks locally and the Hertford Cycle Hub. We support healthy living alongside Herts Active.

I Love Hertford is THE most positive local page out there! We’re so lucky to live and work in such a great place and I Love Hertford constantly remind people of that. We’d like to thank them for all they do and if you have the chance to work with them on something- take it!

Hertford Theatre

How to become a supporter today!

Supporting our mission is easy and inexpensive. Becoming a member costs just over £2 per month and will enable I Love Hertford to grow and do more to help town thrive.

Billed every 6 or 12 months you will receive your complimentary membership welcome pack as a thank you from us including 

Exclusive Supporter Perks

FREE shop local bag

I Love Hertford Card

Choose your membership

I wanted to make it so that everyone can be a part of the community. The idea is that the benefits and savings around town far outweigh the small fee to become an I Love Hertford member.

Becoming a member will help fund I Love Hertford’s mission to bring the good times back to Hertford and the town centre.

Funds will be used to support Hertford and the community in a number of ways.

Choose an option which suits you best below, join us on our mission and help us make our fantastic town even better!

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