Free help for local businesses

As a resident, raising 2 children in Hertford, my biggest wish would be for our high street to boom once again.

Our town centre is the beating heart of Hertford. I strongly believe that it can return to the glory days with a little help and a healthy dose of positivity.

This past year has been tough for every town. Compared with many, resilient Hertford isnt doing as bad as many feared with new businesses still opening and being attracted to our lovely town.

Get noticed through i love hertford

The biggest challenge for businesses is letting people know why they should visit YOU in town before heading online or to the big supermarkets.

It’s the strangest thing. Your potential customers in 2020 are conditioned to go to town, get a coffee or haircut then go home and order online the things they could have picked up in-between their latte and trim.

We need to re-train local residents to think about local shopping. I believe I can help with that.

Whats going on?

Special offer, hot news, new dish, latest event .. If you have something you feel Hertford residents would like to know about, don’t be shy. Get in touch and let us spread the word, we are really good at that.

I Love Hertford has a 7800 strong and growing following on facebook and 2000 on our new instagram. The unique thing about our social channels is the positivity. Our following has been built with a positive mantra celebrating all the good stuff Hertford has to offer. 

Whats the catch?

There isn’t one really. I always try to post requests FREE of charge in the hope that it drives trade to your business. I will also make suggestions to tweak and maximise the response.

 Over the past year or two we have had posts which have gone viral across the globe.

 *Not all businesses will be a good match for the audience so posts aren’t guaranteed, I guess that’s a catch I need to point out. 

Can I Love Hertford offer YOU A more BESPOKE SERVICE?

I have been asked time and time again in the last few years, can I offer more than the  occasional social media post. The answer is now… “Yes!”.

I am now starting to help manage social media for shops, services and clubs around town. The simple truth is that a number of local businesses are missing out on custom. The audience is there, they just don’t know how great some of our local businesses are.

There are at least 5 local business I can think of who’s audience on facebook I could multiply by 10 in a very short space of time. The results could be huge. In short if you would like extra help don’t hesitate to drop me an email at or via the Contact Us page.