Hello Hertford

I’m Joe, an amateur iPhoneX photographer from Hertford. I’ve always been interested in photography but lockdown meant I started taking it a bit more seriously. I used my daily exercise walks as a chance to hone my photography skills and it has been a cathartic journey that has helped me cope with the isolation and the strains that has had on my mental health. Finding beauty in nature and being able to capture it, is my favourite part of being a photographer. I didn’t set out to be a landscape or nature photographer, it just kind of found me. Swans seem to be especially interested in me and some of my favourite pictures have unexpectedly been portraits of swans. I love Hertford and all it’s beauty.

A huge thank you to Joe for sharing his talent here on I Love Hertford. If you have enjoyed this collection I would highly reccomend following @35agg on Instagram which is Joe’s official profile. Here you will find many more amazing images of Hertford wildlife.