A huge thanks for visiting!

I am so pleased that you found this site, celebrating all that is great in the County Town of Hertford. If you are a resident, I hope this site brings some positivity and keeps you updated with every and all things Hertford. If you are planning a day trip to Hertford then I’m sure I Love Hertford will be able to spark your interest even further. Hertford is a great town with great people, bursting with character and lots to see and do.

Hi i'm dan

Dad of 2, happily married (I’ll be in trouble for posting this pic) and a self confessed Hertford super fan! We moved to Hertford eight or so years back and quite honestly it was the best decision we will probably ever make.

For me, Hertford has so much to offer as a town and there are a multitude of reasons why anyone would want to visit or indeed live here.

There is no such thing as a perfect town but Hertford certainly comes close.

So how did "I Love Hertford" come about?

I think it’s fair to say that the last few years have been increasingly tough for all towns, not just Hertford. Very few, if any high streets have not been affected by the move to online shopping, brexit worries and of course the pandemic of 2020.

 Hertford’s fortunes changed when Waitrose left town after many years trading as the anchor chain at Bircherley Green and the only major supermarket in the centre of town. This wasn’t the only reason of course when Waitorse closed its doors, gradually others followed and the site was closed, ready for re-development.

 Though times were tough for the town centre it still had so much to offer. Social media however painted a far gloomier picture. All I seemed to read was post after post rubbishing and painting the town in a negative light. It was constant, one post had over 100 comments casting blame in every direction as to the reason for the towns demise (their words not mine).  “Final nail in the coffin” was a regular comment which really got my goat. This town is far from dead, but social media spreads far and wide. Why would anyone choose to visit Hertford after reading stuff like this. The negitivity, trashing the town was becoming a big part of the problem but what could be the solution?


Positivity is the answer

I set about thinking, how or what could I do to counter the negativity, change attitudes and offer a space for the positive people to escape the doom and gloom?

I have always had a knack for positive, feel good marketing and an optimistic outlook. I Love Hertford was created on facebook to combat the bad vibes. 

 It didn’t take long for things to really start to take off and the social media audience began to grow fast!

Followers grew by the thousand

It didnt happen over night but the followers continued to grow, the same was true for online engagement. We created a space where people felt they could be positive without fear of being mocked.

People want to feel good about things, I know I do anyway. Through I Love Hertford we prove time and time again that positivity can get noticed just as much as negativity, if not more so.

The thing with positivity is that it’s contagious!

Autumn 2020! I Love Hertford evolves!

The smallest seed of positivity has blossomed and become something far bigger!

I have seen the difference that I Love Hertford can make and it’s something (as a resident) I simply can’t ignore. What started as a small facebook and instagram presence has grown to a tribe of over 8000 amazing local people. With troubling times all around we are taking a bold step and pushing the concept to a whole new level. Created to boost Hertford and the community around I Love Hertford – The Social Enterprise is now happening!

Our Mission

To promote the town in a positive light.

I started I Love Hertford to combat the constant negitivity on social media. We prove time and time again that positivity can have a profound effect. Support us and become part of the solution and not the problem.

To give local traders FREE exposure and drive forward a “Shop Local” revolution!

With an audience of 8000 local followers I Love Hertford can really make a difference. Your support will enable us to support local businesses who need it most. We will provide free targeted exposure for local shops along with training and support to grow their own social media presence.

I Love Hertford has a radical plan to push forward the Shop Local message. This is something never before tried locally and goes far beyond the conventional schemes. The plan benefits businesses and customers too. We believe, this has the potential to start a shop local revolution here in Hertford.

A healthy town centre will lead to more local jobs, more shops, more visitors and in turn happy residents. I will work hard to assist Hertford’s traders through these uncertain times.

Give local events and festivals support and promotion.

We have some great “free” events here in Hertford. We will help to grow these and add to the events calender supporting the Town Council and other organisers.

The dream? I will be honest. I would LOVE to organise somthing BIG! Hertford deserves to have a proper carnival and even perhaps an “I Love Hertford Day”  I think we could make it happen. Let’s see.

Support local talent and recognise local heroes.

What makes Hertford so special? It’s the people! We believe that talent and good deeds should not go unnoticed.

Rather than obsessing with Brexit, Pandemics and Politics. We share the good stuff and the positive local stories that make Hertford such an amazing place.

I’d love to support safe, designated performance zones in town for local musicians to bring extra atmosphere.

Support and push for local improvments to Hertford.

I Love Hertford has been invited to join the Town Council Steering Group to represent some of the views and concerns expressed through I Love Hertford. We also have a good relationship, communicating weekly with major projects in town including the Bircherley Green regeneration and the Hertford Theatre team. 

As we grow our voice becomes louder. Let’s effect some positive changes. I will be your voice at the table and make sure public opinion is communicated. 

This and so much more!

I Love Hertford supports the brilliant work by the Hertford Playground Alliance. We support calls for a Splash Park in town. The Love Hertford Awards will be returning in 2021 we will be back promoting and judging.  We act as a link between residents and the new Lea Wharf developers and support the Hertford Theatre Legacy Project. I Love Hertford is behind a new greener way of living and support improvments to cycling networks locally and the Hertford Cycle Hub. We support healthy living alongside Herts Active.

Looking to the future

We have big plans! It’s in my nature to shoot for the stars but for now this shiny new website is a great starting point, I hope you like it. 

There will be lots of content coming soon with all the latest Hertford happenings. I have some great interviews lined up too. I want to keep you informed of all the good news so that it spreads.

Very soon plans will be unveiled with community at the centre of our push to bring back the glory days to Hertford. 

For now, thanks for your support, it means everything! Enjoy and don’t be afraid to say “I Love Hertford”

Dan 🙂