Hertfordshire Life Magazine - A Q&A with Dan!

As I Love Hertford grows and local projects like The I Love Hertford Film get noticed its great to feature in the local press and spread the message further. This month a special Q&A features in the super popular Hertfordshire Life Magazine. Naturally I was more than happy to shout about what we do and of course, how amazing Hertford is!

Below is the full Q&A with extra bits not printed in the article … I find it hard to keep it brief especially when it comes to talking up Hertford … Enjoy!


You set up I love Hertford, what's your mission?

I Love Hertford was born to celebrate our local community and also to combat a creeping trend of negative posting on social media. It’s taken off in a big way and grown to be an incredibly popular platform, its really making a difference in and around Hertford. What’s the mission? I’d have to say it’s evolving all the time and honestly the sky’s the limit, it’s really exciting.

Is it true you are a self confessed positivity addict?

It’s true! People want to feel good about things, I know I do anyway. We have been through so much these past couple of years so concentrating on the positives can be a powerful thing. The thing with positivity is that it’s contagious!

What makes Hertford so special?

It’s a special place thanks to the people that live here. We recently released I Love Hertford – The Film where we asked people what they love about the town. The short film was shot over a number of months alongside local filmmaker Paul Crowley and really captures the spirit of town. The response was crazy with hundreds of positive comments and over 10K views in the first 48 hours. Personally my favorite place is the Castle, it’s the perfect spot throughout the seasons. I’m corrected regularly that it’s actually a gate house but look at it, definitely a castle, it has a turret and even a dungeon! Well worth a visit, especially on an open day.

How are you recognising local heroes?

We held the first ever “I Love Hertford Community Awards” this year where those that made a difference through the pandemic were celebrated. The awards were not about the glitzy award ceremony and more and honest subtle thank you from the local community. We had lots of nominations including fundraising efforts, food charities and good deeds. If I had to give an example of a worthy recipient I would have to say Klinton who mans the gate at a local building site. Through rain and shine he waves to cars as they pass brightening people’s day with his smile. A simple act of kindness which has made a difference through these tough times.

What are your stand-out projects?

Stand out projects and initiatives this year? There have been so many! We produced a shop local card for our members to drive more shoppers to the town centre and not forgetting the I Love Hertford shop local bag which people really love. The community awards of course and our “lockdown startups'” series where we champion locals who have taken a leap of faith and started a new business during the pandemic. 

This Christmas we had a surprise up our sleeves for the little people of Hertford. I got together with Hertford’s Leaf Cafe and BookShop and Cove Design Studio and we produced a special Children’s Book called the “Magic Bear – A Tale of Christmas Magic in the skies above Hertford”. 2000 copies were printed and appeared in school bags across Hertford on the last day of term.

The film was epic, there is so much I could include but at the heart of I Love Hertford is the feel good, positive, daily posts celebrating all we have on our doorstep.

What's Next?

Looking to the future, as I say the sky’s the limit! I’m full of ideas, enthusiasm and a genuine love for the community we have built. Someone suggested an I Love Hertford Day! Ultimately the project is built on the concept that you shouldn’t be afraid to love where you live. Love it, look for the positives and let them grow.
That age old comment of “the good old days” is happening right now in towns across Hertfordshire. We have the power to bring out the positives and make moments and memories today. Wherever you live in this beautiful county … Love it.