New year and a new “through the lens” feature showcasing another awesome Hertford photographer!

This time we welcome Terry of @terrysnaturepics on instagram!

Terry is a real talent and has a knack of capturing Hertford’s feathered residents through his lense with some amazing results. The majestic Red Kite rules the Hertford skies above and the images kindly shared with I Love Hertford give us a rare up close glimpes of these incredible birds. A medium to large sized raptor, the Red Kite has a wingspan of around 175cm! Check out this magnificent bird of prey along with some other species all of which call Hertford home.

Big thanks To Terry

Thanks so much to Terrys Nature Pics for sharing these epic images with I Love Hertford 🙂 Its clear to see Hertford is home to some amazing species!

I would definitely recommend giving Terry a follow if you are on instagram. You can find him by searching for @terrysnaturepics or by clicking the link below which will take you to his page.

Take me to @terrysnaturepics on instagram

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