Our first mini film has been a big success!

Wow what a response!

We teamed up with local designer / photographer, the awesome Paul Crowley to create something special.  It’s been a really tough couple of years and we wanted to produce something truly positive guaranteed put a smile on the face of anyone that watches.

Here’s our creation! We think its the first of its kind, a short film about the best of Hertford as told by the wonderful community that makes the town what it is.

We asked the question. What do you love about Hertford?

18 Thousand views on social media!

WOW! Reading the hundreds of comments on the I Love Hertford Film really underlines just how lucky we are to live in this community. The film has received a crazy 18K views on social media! Thank you all for your support

“Absolutely wonderful. You’ve brought so much positivity to the town during incredibly difficult times. Beautifully shot and captures the people and place perfectly xxx”

“Wow. Well done all. Makes you feel proper proud of our town”

“Great film, thank you for making and sharing. We moved to Hertford two months ago and have fallen in love with the place that we can’t imagine living anywhere else now! Such a beautiful place and sense of community and we’ve only just begun here!”

“Love this!! Brought a tear to my eye actually. So many people hate on Hertford, I think, probably because they have forgotten how lucky they are to live or work here- thanks for reminding us.”

“Brilliant! You make me proud to live here Dan (and I’m a Yorkshire girl, so that’s saying a lot) x”

“Well done to everybody involved. I am totally biased in believing Hertford is an idyllic place to live. Born in the Horns Mill Prefabs 70 years ago I can think of nowhere else I would have chosen to live my life.”

“Fabulous!! I am from Australia and living here for a short while. I starting following this page prior to living here. It truly is a gem of a town! I LOVE all the walking paths and everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Thank you!!”

“That was fabulous!!! Actually brought a little tear to my eye… Well done all involved x”

“Loved this – your film has captured the heart of our town; thanks for making and sharing”

“Stunning filming guys! Not many small towns can produce this quality of promotion”

Thanks to everyone who made this possible

Its fair to say that myself and Paul had an absolute blast making this film. The biggest thank you to everyone who took part and made the project really special! To those who shared thier passion and voices we can’t thank you enough! Also thank you to those behind the scenes who gave us access to places rarley, if ever captured on film.

We have plans for a new exciting project for 2022 so watch this space and dont be afraid to say … I Love Hertford

Dan 🙂

* I Love Hertford is a community enterprise which supports town in a number of ways. We receive no council funding and survive thanks to a handful of awesome local businesses (official supporters) and our public membership program.

Becoming a member and supporting I Love Hertford is super simple, packed with great perks and a free gift when you join. Please do consider becoming a member so that we can do more to boost town into 2022 and beyond.