Happy Christmas Hertford!

I am so pleased to share with you I Love Hertford’s Christmas “Shop Local” message for 2020. I truly hope that this brings a little festive cheer and Hertford magic to your day 🙂

Starring the “real” Santa our story is set at the North Pole. Tucked up in his house, Santa takes a moment to read the I Love Hertford Times.

This magical news paper is Santa’s favourite as it has a 100% positivity rule and has banned all mentions of Brexit.

Santa obviously loves Hertford as much as we all do.

As he turns the pages he is met with some of Hertford’s fantastic local shops, bringing a big Christmas smile to his face.

The message is all about shopping local this Christmas and supporting Hertford’s traders and service providers in town.

Santa closes with a “Merry Christmas”

The shops included were all chosen at random by the designer. With so many great shops in town it would have been impossible to fit everyone in. The message is about shopping in town rather than focusing on individual shops. I will be keen to include some different shops for next year. I think the bar has been set quite high.

Have an absolutely fantastic Christmas Hertford! Thanks so much for your support!

Membership is now live!

I Love Hertford recieves no state funding and is a completely independent enterprise formed to support and promote positivity throughout Hertford.

Alongside support from a handful of amazing local businesses. The I Love Hertford membership makes what we do in town and the community – possible.

Please do take a moment to view the membership and the aims of I Love Hertford. Members get lot’s of great discounts across town and of course the now famous, I Love Hertford Bag FREE!